Our Community

We are committed to being a respected and contributing member of the Taranaki community.

ETL Group has been a proud, contributing member of the Taranaki community for nearly two decades. Our aim is to support our local community through social responsibility programmes that reflect the interests of our employees, business, and community.

Many of the sponsorships, social responsibility and community efforts we support are aimed at initiatives that reflect ETL Group’s values of:

  • Excellence – supporting people and groups working to achieve high quality outcomes and gold standards within challenging environments
  • Teamwork – sponsoring team-based activities and learning opportunities that achieve outcomes by working together towards a common goal.
  • Loyalty – participating in areas of interest to our employees, their families and our customer relationships

We also strive to provide sponsorship to areas that relate to health, safety and the environment as these reflect our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our employees and the environment during all aspects of our operations – both on and offshore.

If you have a community programme, team, individual initiative or event in Taranaki that you would like to request support for, please send a letter via post or email outlining:

  • the activity, event or need,
  • the financial request,
  • dates and timing of all activities, and
  • how you believe the sponsorship opportunity reflects ETL’s values and to our community social responsibility programme.

Previous sponsorship and volunteer activities have included http://www.variety.org.nz, Lisa Tamati’s Gobi Desert Race and various educational and community group initiatives such as speaking engagements and mentorship opportunities.