Future Growth

We are growing through innovation and quality service.

ETL Group has proven to be a leader in providing offshore services, including our core FPSO/FSO operations, to clients throughout New Zealand. We are now looking beyond Taranaki and New Zealand to maximise our growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

With our proven expertise and ability to provide quality, innovative and logistically efficient solutions to our customers, we have had opportunities to work with clients in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America. Our relationship with Seaworks Ltd and Swire Pacific Offshore Ltd has allowed us to participate in providing integrated marine and logistical support to local offshore operations and brought opportunities to expand our services overseas.

Over the last five years we have completed several exciting offshore fibre optic cable projects in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.  This has included project management, client representation and reporting onboard for offshore vessels engaged in laying fibre optic cables in challenging marine and political environments.

With our roots in marine and offshore services, we have a culturally diverse and professional team that brings experience from all over the world. We are proving to be successful at providing services to overseas clients operating projects either in New Zealand or their home countries – supporting them all from our base in Taranaki. We are looking forward to providing support services to renewal energy projects both on shore and offshore.

We are excited about furthering our growth opportunities for our business and expanding our reach beyond New Zealand shores to clients throughout Asia Pacific and around the world. We are looking forward to providing support services to renewal energy projects both onshore and offshore.